AC Maintenance membership

Lifetime Labor Warranty

We hold our club members in high regard and express our gratitude by offering a lifetime labor warranty. Maintenance Club Members at Arctic Fox Cooling Services receive this warranty on all repairs. For more details, feel free to inquire with one of our professionals.

20% Off service repairs

A 20% discount on air conditioner repairs can significantly impact the total cost, making the purchase more affordable for our customers . All Club members enjoy a 20% discount on all repairs, amongst other benefits. 

Drain Flush and Cleaning

Drain Clogs are the number one cause of emergency service calls. With the cost of labor, fuel and overhead expenses these repairs can be costly. A little prevention can help save you alot money. Our annual maintenance cleans and flushes the drain line and the drain pan thoroughly. 

Complete Air Conditioner Maintenance

We help minimize the risk of unexpected break downs with our full comprehensive air conditioner Maintenance. A thorough system check can help identify  problems early before they cause further damage.

Check Indoor and Outdoor Cleanliness

Full Air conditioner Evaluation inside and out, Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleanliness Check. Look for signs of dirt, debris, mold. mildew, etc. We document and report all findings to owner with our recommended solutions. Some DYI and some better left to a professional. 

Performance Inspection

Evaluate Air Conditioner to make sure it is operating at its top performance. For the most part Air conditioners use refrigerant to regulate the temperature in your home. If the refrigerant is imbalanced, your system can operate but inefficiently, costing you lots more money in your utility bill monthly. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Arctic Fox Cooling Services, we are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. From expert advice during the selection process to precise installations by skilled technicians, we prioritize your comfort. Our top-tier service and 24/7 customer support exemplify our dedication to providing reliable an efficient air  conditioning solutions. Choose us for a commitment to excellence that guarantees your complete satisfactions.