Are you thinking of air conditioning replacement Jupiter? A new air conditioner is a significant home investment. For the job, you need to use a reputable HVAC provider. Our professionals have installed, changed, and repaired thousands of air conditioners throughout their experience years in the industry. Call Arctic Fox Cooling for air conditioner installation or replacement in Jupiter.

Begin living comfortably in your home now. Any kind of problem related to air conditioning in the region may repair, maintained, or replaced by us. For more information about air conditioning replacement Jupiter, please give us a call or get a free online quotation.

When should you replace your air conditioner?

If your air conditioner has been installed for more than 10 years, it may be time to replace it. A heat pump has a 15-year lifespan. Of course, this varies depending on the unit’s effectiveness and whether it was properly fitted for your house or the manufacturer. Also, as to how it was installed, how repairs were handled, and how regularly it was maintained (new filters, calibration, cleaning, etc.).

When you see any of the following signs, you definitely require an air conditioning replacement Jupiter technician. But keep in mind that any of these “signs” might also indicate that you need a new unit:

  • Making strange noises
  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Icing upon the coil
  • Higher than usual electric bills
  • The oily residue (on unit components)

The process of air conditioning replacement Jupiter is simple and quick.

Arctic Fox Cooling experts usually remove the old system, install the new one, connect the wiring and ductwork, and test and calibrate the controls. And they have the new system up and running in a single day after you make the choice to replace and install a new air conditioner or heat pump. It’s simple to get on our schedule at Arctic Fox Cooling since our specialists do this job all day, every day. We arrive early in the morning and stay until the task is completed.

We take care of the cleanup so you don’t have to worry about it!

Our air conditioning replacement Jupiter specialists concern about the safety of your house. When we visit for the indoor service, we put on shoe coverings. Drop cloths, coveralls (for working in unclean attics, basements, and crawl spaces), brooms, dustpans, rubbish bags, shop vacs, and more. Basically, everything needed to do the job properly and effectively are all onboard our vehicles.

We remove all packaging, old equipment, and any trash caused by the project when we install a new central air system. The new unit, instruction manuals, and a cool, pleasant house are all that will remain. We always do a last walk-through on every work to make sure we haven’t overlooked anything.

You won’t regret choosing us for air conditioning replacement Jupiter!

We at Arctic Fox Cooling know how important it is to have clean air in your house. We offer solutions for any budget, and we can help you and your family breathe easier in a cleaner environment. Our mannerly service technicians are the most qualified in the HVAC sector. And endeavor to provide you with the greatest customer service experience possible by using top-of-the-line equipment and technology at affordable pricing. Reach us now for your air conditioning replacement Jupiter service!