The Warning Signs of a Failing AC Compressor and How to Avoid a Breakdown

Warning sign for potential AC compressor failureThe air conditioning compressor is the heart of the AC unit, responsible for compressing and circulating refrigerant to cool the air. But when the compressor fails, the entire AC system will break down, leaving you without cool air in the middle of a hot South Florida summer.

Fortunately, there are warning signs that indicate a failing compressor before it becomes a major problem. Understanding these warning signs and taking preventive measures can save you money and discomfort in the long run.

Here are the most common warning signs of a failing AC compressor:

  1. Strange noises: If you hear a knocking or grinding sound coming from the AC unit, it could be a sign of a failing compressor.

  2. Loss of cooling power: If your AC unit is blowing warm air, it may be due to a failing compressor that is unable to circulate refrigerant effectively.

  3. Increased energy bills: A failing compressor can cause the AC system to work harder, leading to increased energy bills and decreased efficiency.

  4. Leaks: If you notice refrigerant leaks, it could be a sign that the compressor is failing and needs to be replaced.

To prevent AC compressor failure, it’s important to have regular maintenance performed by a licensed HVAC professional. During maintenance, the technician will check the refrigerant levels, clean the condenser coils, and inspect the compressor for any signs of wear or damage.

If you suspect your AC compressor is failing, don’t wait for a complete breakdown. Contact Arctic Fox Cooling for a professional evaluation and repair. With over a decade of experience in South Florida, our licensed and insured technicians will diagnose and repair your AC system quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let a failing AC compressor disrupt your comfort this summer. Stay ahead of the problem by recognizing the warning signs and taking maintainance proactive measures to prevent AC breakdowns.