HVAC services have a sharp focus on efficiency and performance. But, it can become rather easier to maintain your HVAC system by contacting a local HVAC contractor near you, if you are away from misconceptions.

Here are the 5 common myths we tried to bust.

1. Until the HVAC system is broken, there is no need for periodic maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same should apply to your HVAC system. Prolonging its maintenance can not only cause a sudden breakdown of your HVAC but also might cost you way more than you could expect.

Regular maintenance allows your HVAC system to run smoothly, live longer, have higher efficiency and cheaper energy bills.

It is recommended to conduct air conditioning repair and maintenance service twice a year with the help of the best local HVAC contractor. 

2. You can go on without changing filters for a year

Be it out of laziness or in an attempt to save some money, frequently not changing your filters isn’t an intelligent move.

Despite your friends and neighbors telling you to change your filter only once a year, it can be a big mistake in the long run. Replacing filters anywhere between 2-3 months is essential for the hygiene of your HVAC system. It will keep your system much more efficient and will help in circulating cleaner air in your room.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can increase or decrease this time. If you have allergies or breathing issues or have pets, you can consider changing it every month. Also, in summers, it is recommended to change filters more often than in winters.

At Arctic Fox, we have professionals who can guide you on when you should change your air filters. Contact us today to know more.

3. Only turning up the thermostat can regulate the temperature.

Yes, thermostats are a crucial component to control the temperature of your HVAC system. But not always. While your thermostat might be working just fine, you can end up ignoring the elephant in the room. You don’t know if your system has to work more to maintain the temperature conditions. It is usually due to persistent leaks or lack of maintenance or, zillion other problems you might be unaware of. The only solution to overcome this is regular maintenance.

4. You can easily detect air leaks inside your place

Do you consider yourself a pro in finding all the air leaks in the house? Think twice because we are about to bust a common myth. The biggest and most damaging leaks are hard to find and sometimes not even visible as it is– like behind the walls.

Identifying all the leaks and fixing them can help you save energy and prevent compromising the performance of your efficient HVAC system.

Leave this job to your local HVAC contractor as they are experts at hunting down not just leaks but all the other problems that might be a menace for your HVAC system. They are well-versed with all the measures to seal the leaks and prevent further leaking.

5. Always choose a bigger HVAC system for better performance

There is no one shoe fits all approach when you have to choose the right size of HVAC unit for your home or office. If your system is too large for your home, it can be less efficient, waste energy, and be more prone to mechanical breakdown.

To decide which size is suitable for you, you have to get your place examined by experts. They determine your place’s size, layout, and build. It helps you to conclude which size would suit your premises.

Having said that, it is but natural to bear in mind the importance of HVAC maintenance.

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