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Are we the right AC repair company for you? Read through this page and you be the judge. Our goal is to get you cooling again right away, but we might be able to prevent this from happening again. Could this breakdown have been avoided? Sometimes the little details can go a long way. Learn more below.

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Arctic Fox Cooling Service is known for its expertise in AC repair Miami, Fl for residential and commercial applications. We are a full-service air conditioning company that offers 24 hour, around the clock emergency Air Conditioning repair Homestead. In South Florida when your air conditioner breaks down most of the time that itself really is an emergency. Having a company you can call any time of day or night is very important. We are dedicated to training on all the latest technologies coming to the industry. We make sure we are prepared to serve you.

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Pretty much anyone with a little bit of knowledge in air conditioning can make most AC repairs, but that doesn’t mean they were done correctly. Manufacturers have strict standards for AC installation and Air Conditioning repair. Such standards are in place to achieve the maximum life expectancy and efficiency of your air conditioner. One simple step missed during the AC repair process can mean disaster later on. For example, the use of vacuum pump during the evacuation of the refrigerant system is crucial, but without it, your air conditioner will still work (at least for a little while). Another example, while brazing the refrigerant lines together you are supposed to purge the lines with a small amount of nitrogen to avoid oxidation. Not doing so again doesn’t mean the air conditioner will not work. It only means the lifespan of the air conditioner was shortened. During any AC repair, we follow industry standards for repair, to give you the best possible service we can offer.

Is Your Compressor Burned Out?

According to a well-respected organization when it comes to HVAC some compressor burnouts can be avoided. Check it our compressor acid burnouts. “Poor maintenance or an electrical event such as a power surge can cause a compressor to burn out. But by far the most common cause of compressor failure is due to acid in the system. When air or moisture enters into the system a chemical reaction takes place. This chemical reaction produces hydrochloric and/or hydrofluoric acids as byproducts. Over time, these acids eat away at the compressor and system parts. This damages the compressor and results in sludge and particles building up against the walls of the system lines, setting the stage for future malfunction.”. We are not saying your air conditioner should never break down. We just know some of those costly breakdowns can be avoided. More times than not most of these breakdowns are technician error or lack of knowledge.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

A clean air conditioning coil is vital to having a long-lasting, efficient HVAC system. “how often shouldclean my coils?” is probably the most common question from homeowners to field technicians. That can vary from home to home but, changing your filter regularly can greatly reduce the frequency of needing to clean the coils. With that said the condenser coil is also very important to maintain clean. Condenser coil cleaning is underrated but a dirty outside coil can be just a detrimental to performance. Having the coils cleaned by a professional is critical. DIY is not recommended for the evaporator coil.

Brazing with Nitrogen

air conditioning Nitrogen braze MiamiAs mentioned above, purging the refrigerant system with nitrogen while brazing is very important. Not doing so will most certainly cause unwanted problems with your air conditioning system. The black oxidation builds up accumulated on the inside walls of the refrigerant pipes(shown below) it will over time release itself, Once off the walls it will either clog the expansion valves causing failure, reduced efficiency or cause compressor failure.

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