For those familiar with individuals on the autism spectrum, you understand the depth of their love and uniqueness. They thrive when surrounded by caring individuals who love them. At Artic Fox Cooling, we go beyond providing home comfort and cool living spaces. We are honored to participate in a remarkable fundraising opportunity for an extraordinary organization. 

The Learning Academy (TLA) plays a pivotal role in supporting the autism spectrum community in Palm Beach County. TLA currently offers life-changing preparatory skills for young adults aged 14-21, with plans to expand to K-8th grade soon. The impact this organization has on individual lives and families is truly remarkable. Situated on the Els Center of Excellence for Autism campus, TLA equips those on the spectrum with the skills they need for a promising future. 

We invite you to join us in making a positive impact through your donation. Your contribution can make a world of difference. When you donate $99.50 to The Learning Academy through this link, you not only become part of a community dedicated to enhancing the lives of these exceptional students but also gain access to our annual A/C Tune-Up/Maintenance program. Simply call us within 30 days and provide a copy of your donation receipt from the TLA website, and we will schedule your A/C tune-up/maintenance. 

If you’re unable to afford the $99.50, we appreciate any amount you can contribute to this incredibly worthy cause. Even if you don’t require an A/C tune-up right now, keep your receipt; you can use it for any future AC repairs with us, up to $100, and this offer never expires. Your support means the world to us and to the individuals whose lives you’re helping to improve. 

Thank you, 

Michael Gonzalez & Family