Before the warm weather season begins, you should consider getting an AC maintenance Homestead service.

Having our technicians check your AC system regularly is one approach to ensure your air conditioner’s performance. Preventive maintenance is also the most cost-effective approach to guarantee that your air conditioner is ready for the Homestead heat.

Moreover, our factory-trained, NATE-certified professionals will guarantee that your system is in good working condition. They will also assist you to identify any possible problems.

Preventative maintenance of your air conditioning system may save you hundreds of dollars. That is in repair and replacement expenses. Our technicians are also certified to service any brand of AC unit, with a focus on carrier goods.

So, what should you consider for AC maintenance Homestead? Let’s find out!

Consider going through the checklist of AC maintenance Homestead

Modify the Filter.
Filters that are unclean or clogged make your air conditioner work significantly harder than filters that are clean. You may reduce the strain on your system and cut your electricity cost by replacing your filter on a regular basis.

Make the necessary adjustments to your thermostat.
We’ll assist you with pre-programming your programmable thermostat to meet your schedule. This results in a cheaper monthly electricity expenditure. In the long run, optimizing your system’s consumption will extend its life.

The Condenser Coil should clean.
Our technicians of AC maintenance Homestead service will keep your coils and fins clean. Debris might build up around your unit over time. This also causes it to overwork itself. The fins will be softly brushed, and the coils will be lightly washed.

Inspection of the Blower Motor.
Putting the blower motor through an amp-draw test. A motor that consumes too many amps may be on the verge of failure.

Outside Air Conditioning Unit.
Our technicians (who work for AC maintenance Homestead) will clear out any leaves or debris that may be obstructing proper circulation. This also keeps your air conditioner working harder and costs you money.

Motors and bearings should be lubricated.
Grease is the lifeblood of motors and bearings since it protects the components from hard metal-to-metal contact. This will also extend the life of the motor and compressor.

Examine the electrical connections.
We’ll inspect and test all electrical components and controls to ensure they’re in good working order.

Check the pressures and charges of the refrigerant.
Low levels indicate a leak that must discover and address as soon as possible. Moreover, low refrigerant levels might cause your compressor to burn out, which is the most expensive repair.

Ensure that the Condensate Drain is free of obstructions.
Algae and mold can accumulate over time, clogging the drain. Flooding can cause by a clogged drain, or if the system includes a drain float, the system will shut down to prevent flooding. Our service for AC maintenance Homestead will take care of it.

Examine the ductwork.
Our professionals will visually examine your ductwork to ensure that it is properly sealed. Cool air will also escape from ducting that might not properly seal before being dispersed throughout your home. This prevents the specified temperature from being reached, potentially overworking your system.

Where to schedule for AC maintenance Homestead?

Arctic Fox Cooling is a company that specializes in AC maintenance Homestead. We’ll be right over to take care of all of your heating and conditioning needs in Homestead. Call our professionals immediately for AC maintenance near me (especially in Homestead).

Also, choose from a team of specialists that are enthusiastic to serve you. In addition to our superior air conditioning maintenance program:

  • Our crew is accessible for emergency repairs and service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, our top-of-the-line things and faultless services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We recruit highly skilled specialists that are polite, competent, and hardworking to surround ourselves with the greatest people.
  • We also show up when we say we will, give excellent service, and offer fair prices!

To guarantee appropriate efficiency, our professionals will test the thermostat and examine the blower motor. We’ll also clean the compressor, condenser, evaporator coils, air handler, and drainage line, among other things.

So give us a call to learn more about the advantages of routine maintenance. Also, about air conditioning repair, and air conditioning replacement in Homestead.

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