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Working 365 days a year without any holiday or break is not an imaginable thing. Everybody needs a break to restore energy for upcoming work or challenges. Just like humans, air conditioners also need to restore energy. To make sure that your AC works smoothly, you need to do a regular annual air conditioner maintenance practice. By doing so you will be benefitting your device as well as your pocket.

Let’s discuss why maintaining your air conditioner is necessary:

1.    Helps your pocket to relax:

When you do regular maintenance, it reduces the chances of breaking down of your AC. It ultimately saves you from the big expenditure of replacing your AC. Regular maintenance helps your AC to run smoothly without any interruption.

2.    Saves electricity:

A well-maintained AC consumes less electricity comparatively. This helps you cut your energy bills. As the efficiency of the device increases after maintenance, it utilizes 30% lesser energy as claimed by researchers.

3.    Helps your device live longer:

Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of the device which helps it to run for a longer time. It’s just like a regular checkup in the case of humans. After a full body checkup and recovering the weak parts electronic devices tend to live longer.

4.    Helps you in warranty:

Many times HVAC manufacturers demand proof of regular maintenance of the system if you submit a repair claim under warranty. Some of the HVAC repair works could cost a lot. So you can submit the regular maintenance report to get the warranty which helps you save a lot of money.

5.    Helps you in improving air quality:

A damaged AC contains a lot of dust/dirt in it. Getting the maintenance done will remove all the dirt and will help to improve the quality of the air around you. Getting fresh air instead of dusty air automatically makes a difference in the experience.

6.    More cooling:

The main symptom which shows that your AC needs maintenance is that it will provide less cooling in the room. Good maintenance will help your AC to provide more cooling and makes you feel more relaxed on a hot summer day.

7.    Provides you a comfortable space:

Facing extreme heat outside makes you very irritated and uncomfortable. After doing all the tiring outdoor work, you need a good comfortable space with a well-working AC. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner helps you in creating a comfortable space where you can relax.

8.    Helps the environment:

For those who are concerned about the environment,a well-maintained AC uses less fuel and emits lesser gases. This is helpful for the environment as a well-maintained device spreads less pollution.

9.    Lessens the burden for the future:

If you have done regular maintenance of your air conditioner. Then in near future, if any case of damage happens, you will be relieved as you have taken every possible step to make that situation as easy going as possible.

Now that you know why air conditioner maintenance is necessary, you must also know that various activities are involved in maintenance practice. AC maintenance is not a two steps thing. Let’s know about what a technician does in his maintenance visit.

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Activities that are done by a technician in a maintenance visit:

Although devices like AC are made to live a long life of around 10-15 years. But to work efficiently they need a regular periodic maintenance session. Many activities are involved in this session, which is done by the technician.

Those activities are:

  • Proper inspection of the whole system.
  • Check up for depreciation of any moving part.
  • Make minor repairs.
  • Cleaning of condenser coils.
  • Testing the thermostat.
  • Checking up the leaks.
  • Checking the cooling mechanism.
  • Monitoring the activities of the blower belt and motor.

Consequences of not doing the air conditioner maintenance practice regularly:

  1. Unwanted loud noises
  2. Poor quality of indoor air
  3. Early wear and tear of the device
  4. High electricity bills
  5. Poor cooling
  6. Breakdown of moving parts.

When should you schedule a maintenance session?

Getting your device maintained is a brilliant idea if you know when to schedule it. Many people wonder, how often should you get your air conditioner maintenance done.

Well, getting the maintenance done right before the maximum usage of the device is the best idea. AC maintenance sessions should be scheduled right before the start of the summer. Doing so, ensures you have a well-functioning AC that will work efficiently as compared to damaged ones.

To utilize your device till its last breath you need to do regular maintenance sessions and a periodic check-up. In this way, you will gain the maximum years working for your device.


Electronic devices need proper checkups as technology can ditch you anytime. So they need proper maintenance regularly. In this article, various reasons are explained which shows why air conditioner maintenance is necessary. So getting your AC maintained by a technician on yearly basis will help you in many ways.